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I just wanted to give a little background and how this site came to be.

I was fortunate to catch the second season of Sports Night with its premiere episode in October of 1999. I had never seen the show before, never even heard of it (thank you, ABC promotional department). I instantly fell in love with it. By the time the second episode aired, it had already been delegated to my "tape-for-keeps" list of TV shows. It was smart, funny, touching... and all sorts of adjectives. Although the whole ensemble was amazing, it was Felicity who blew me away the most, with her portrayal of Dana Whittaker. In a blink of an eye, Dana would go from infinitely confident in her job to somewhat of a mess when it came to her personal life. I quickly eBay'd my butt off to get however much of this show I could get my hands on. I bought the Emmy consideration tape with the two first season episodes, "Dear Louise" and "Small Town" -- the former was watched just prior to attending a wedding, where you can rest assured I requested K.C. & the Sunshine Band's "Boogie Shoes." I eventually ended up buying dubbed copies of the episodes from one kind soul, and then later, these tapes remastered. Years later, of course, we'd finally get our DVDs!

There were several Sports Night sites on the web, but nothing for Felicity. I started collecting articles and photos from the internet. I tried to keep track of publicity interviews she would be doing. Besides being incredibly talented, Felicity has just always come off as an intelligent, kind, grateful, and, of course, hilarious person. I had messed around with HTML/websites/graphics before, so I was capable of coming up with some sort of a tribute -- anything to help other people find out about this amazing actress.

This site debuted in July of 2000. It was incredibly not what it is today. The offerings were much more meager and there wasn't a huge surge of visitors. It was a very modest website with pretty much anything I had found. At one point, I attempted to add a message board, but it received little traffic and it faded away. After Sports Night's run was tragically cut short, news slowed down even more. It wasn't until a little show called Desperate Housewives that the site really began to grow. Felicity was thrust into the media, albeit, less so than some of her castmates, and more and more resources began to open up. Since then, the site has grown quite a bit. I mean, we actually got a domain! Prior to that, it was a subdomain until I could afford to pay for hosting. The message board? Worked much better in a post-Desperate Housewives world. With members from all over the place, it's become a nice place for Felicity fans to meet like-minded individuals. Many people have stepped up to offer photos and videos, and it's become a very interactive and enjoyable experience.

Just a little bit about myself, for anyone interested. My name is Jenn, I'm an almost (though let's remove the "almost" part when it's no longer relevant; I'm sure you'll sense when that is, because it'll be amazing if I remember to update this with each passing birthday) 24-year-old from Pennsylvania. I'm a perpetual college student who just recently finished phase one of my educational endeavor -- a Bachelor's in Psychology. Still trying to figure out exactly what I want to be "when I grow up" (which I refuse to fully believe has already happened). This is a labor of love -- I enjoy putting time into when I can, and am very thankful when visitors are mighty patient with me.

I must offer a big thank you to my wonderful friend Christine, with whom I've honed my webmastering skills in the past, and with whom I split the costs of a wonderful hosting package courtesy of Site5.com. Besides being a great partner in crime, she has always been a great friend, always willing to help out with the site (among so many other things).

And seriously I am so incredibly not Felicity Huffman. I get a lot of emails from fans who think they're emailing Felicity. I promise, this isn't just some sort of clever ruse!

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Wed 9/28 - Desperate Housewives premiere

MORE magazine (cover) - 8/19

A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend: For Every Guy Who Wants To Be One, For Every Girl Who Wants to Build One
by Felicity Huffman and Patricia Wolff



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This site is completely unofficial! I am not, nor do I have any contact with, Felicity Huffman or even anyone's brother's friend who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Felicity. Just a big fan of Felicity's with a little html know-how and a bit of extra time on her hands! :)
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